nanoPET Experts

Consulting and Service – diagnostic imaging and nanomaterials

  • Contrast agents for all modalities
  • Molecular‐targeted agents
  • Pilot studies (months)
  • R&D projects (years)
  • Partnerships (open end)

Viscover™ Imaging Agents

Unique off‐the‐shelf contrast agents for pre‐clinial small animal imaging

  • GadoSpin™ for MRI
  • ExiTron™ for micro‐CT
  • FeraSpin™ for MRI
  • PolySon™ for ultrasound
  • NiraWave™ for optical imaging

nanoPET Tracers

Novel nanoparticulate tracers for clinical positron emission tomography

  • Simple – "PET without chemistry"
  • Ultra‐fast synthesis compared to FDG
  • High specific activity
  • Tunable specificity for immune cells
  • Versatile molecular imaging platform

2022 ‐ June

Start des Forschungsprojektes TRANSLATE in Kooperation mit der Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und ‐prüfung (BAM). Weitere Informationen unter Project Grants > National

2020 ‐ February

The "Network for Pharma Solutions" (NetPhaSol) starts campaign for networking and cooperation

NetPhaSol, the nationwide network of 30 companies and 20 research institutions covering the entire value chain in drug discovery and development, is launching its campaign for networking and cooperation.

Are you looking for qualified partner for your project? Are you looking for special expertise for a technological solution? Then NetPhaSol is the right partner for you. Access to the network is very simple. Apply with a brief description of your project or request here and we will contact you immediately.

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Meet us at the WMIC 2022, September 28 ‐ October 1 in Miami, Florida, USA

Check out the advantages that our specialized imaging agents can provide to your research! Come and visit at the World Molecular Imaging Congress (WMIC) 2022 in Miami to discover our innovative range of Viscover products and their exciting application possibilities. We look forward to seeing you to discuss your diagnostic imaging needs and to share the latest experiences in pre‐clinical imaging.

EMIM 2020 postponed to 25th ‐ 28th August!

Due to current events, the EMIM 2020 in Thessaloniki is postponed to, August 25 ‐ 28. For further detail please klick here.

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