Viscover™ Imaging Agents

The first contrast agent portfolio for small animal imaging in all modalities

As animal imaging is rapidly gaining relevance in pharmaceutical research, we are delighted to offer you an exciting portfolio of specialized pre‐clinical imaging agents covering the principal imaging modalities – in fact, the first of its kind:

  • MRI Portfolio
  • Micro‐CT Portfolio
  • Ultrasound Portfolio
  • Optical imaging

Contrast agents that will transform your pre‐clinical MRI facility

Viscover™ provides you with the first dedicated product portfolio of animal contrast agents to unleash the full potential of pre‐clinical animal MRI, employing innovative agents from small molecules to nanoparticles. Our GadoSpin™ gadolinium chelate and FeraSpin™ iron oxide nanoparticle product families were designed to offer you previously unseen capabilities.

Specifically, their broad spectrum includes:

  • tumor vascularization and angiogenesis studies
  • Cardiovascular disease imaging
  • Delineation of tissues and organ‐specific imaging
  • Magnetic resonance angiography (MRA)
  • Therapeutic effiacy monitoring
  • Nanoparticle physiology
  • MRI physics and sequence optimization

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