nanoPET Experts

Consulting and Service – diagnostic imaging and nanomaterials

  • Contrast agents for all modalities
  • Molecular‐targeted agents
  • Pilot studies (months)
  • R&D projects (years)
  • Partnerships (open end)

Viscover™ Imaging Agents

Unique off‐the‐shelf contrast agents for pre‐clinial small animal imaging

  • GadoSpin™ for MRI
  • ExiTron™ for micro‐CT
  • FeraSpin™ for MRI
  • PolySon™ for ultrasound
  • NiraWave™ for optical imaging

nanoPET Tracers

Novel nanoparticulate tracers for clinical positron emission tomography

  • Simple – "PET without chemistry"
  • Ultra‐fast synthesis compared to FDG
  • High specific activity
  • Tunable specificity for immune cells
  • Versatile molecular imaging platform


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Hope for Parkinson patients: Within the framework of a
Pro FIT project funded by the IBB, the Clinic for Neurology at the Charité and nanoPET Pharma conduct research for the diagnosis and therapy of Parkinson's disease.

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